Microsoft Exchange Deployment

Microsoft Exchange is a great collaboration and e-mail platform. When deployed correctly and managed correctly Microsoft Exchange makes business collaboration simple and efficient.

Unfortunately deploying or managing Microsoft Exchange is not a simple. A correct deployment of Microsoft Exchange is imperative to a smooth running system. Exchange cannot simply be installed using a next > next > finish approach.
Deployment of Exchange requires a deep understanding of the client’s requirements. Considerations of all aspects of the business, including locations, staff numbers, mailbox sizes and shared data must be taken into account. Mailbox Database servers and Client Access Servers should be positioned correctly.  Servers and mailbox databases need to be sized correctly, consider backup and restore requirements and restore times. Aspects such as mail flow and selecting appropriate email security systems should be clearly thought out and implemented. Firewalls and networks should be designed to only permit server access where required. 


These are just some of the key items to consider while deploying Microsoft Exchange. At PRD Technology we discuss, plan and build Exchange environments for clients all sizes. Whether your business is a small school or a large service provider. PRD Technology can help you build and deploy Microsoft Exchange. 

Microsoft Exchange Management

After a successful deployment of Exchange, businesses should ensure that their Exchange network is managed correctly. Simple tasks such as monitoring database sizes, renewing certificates, and monitoring event logs are some of the tasks required.  

Backup systems should be managed and reviewed. Regular restore tests should occur of the enviroment and single mailboxes. Storage systems should be monitored for signs errors or corruption.  

Microsoft releases Exchange cumulative updates approximately every 2 months. These updates normally include software and stability improvements, and sometimes includes security updates. Windows Update also critical security updates to protect Exchange and should be deployed in a timely manner. 

PRD Technology help customers manage their Exchange servers through consulting advise, or managed service agreements. Contact PRD Technology for information on how we can help managing your Exchange environment. 

Exchange Recovery

Microsoft Exchange Server failures are an I.T. Managers nightmare. Restore processes seldom work without complication, databases often take longer to restore than expected, and quite often Backups simply cannot be restored.  

PRD Technology offers solutions for recovering Microsoft Exchange when disasters happen.  Based in Orlando Florida

we are able to get onsite in as little as 1 hour and are available 24/7. We offer onsite recovery services throughout the United States, and remote recovery services internally.

We are engaged globally by international organization to assist with Exchange problems, and often work in Asia Pacific, Europe and the rest of the world. 

Our experts have experience with database repair, extraction from corrupt databases, server rebuilding, problem diagnostics. Do you have an EDB file that will not mount? Or corrupt disk drive for your Exchange database? We have the tools and experience to repair damaged Exchange Database files.

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