Cyber Security

Cyber security is somewhat more complex than installing antivirus software and making sure you have a password on your computer. Protecting organizations requires a good understanding of the organizations infrastructure, operations and requirements. 

Organizations need to look at what they need to protect, and identify the threats they need to protect against. Furthermore it is imperative that organizations adopt good security practices throughout all of their technological infrastructure. Quite often it is difficult to understand all the future threats. As cyber crime evolves so does the need to update and reflect on new threats. Five years ago the thought of a business in Russia being able to encrypt all of your data and hold you ransom, sounded more like a science fiction movie than reality. Now for more than a third of businesses, it is a true horror story. 

By adopting good security practices, enforcing multiple layers of defense, and actively monitoring access to the network, businesses are able to mitigate the risk of a security breaches, and downtime as of a result of hacking. 

PRD Technology is able to assist organizations in defending their infrastructure through technology reviews, audits, penetration testing, certification preparation, security software and solutions, and consultancy services. 


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